Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Living in the future!

     "It's great, living in the future."  I don't know how widespread this meme might be, but it is a relatively common observation among my friends.  This has become increasingly true as our smartphones pick up more and more capability: GPS, personal assistants, location awareness, voice dictation, etc.  Couple this with the sheer amount of information the Internet puts at our disposal, and you have a 1960s futurist's wet dream.  All we're missing are jet packs and space colonies.
     Which brings me to the point of this blog.  (A): I don't think we'll get jet packs because flying one of those would scary as hell.  (Stop and visualize it.  You're flying at least higher than most two-story houses.  Look down at your feet.  See what I mean?)  and (B): I'm trying to become a permanent settler on Mars.  Seriously.  
     If I can muster the discipline to post here regularly, this will blog will look at how life is getting more Jetsons-like all the time and how visionary groups like Mars One and SpaceX are pushing the envelope even more.

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